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Our Family

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©2012 Elizabeth Jean Enterline

© Rose Enterline Williams

©Rose Enterline Williams

©Linda Lee Crumley 

© Rose Enterline Williams

~A Place Prepared~
Out of windows at night
On the fingertips of apparition, 
Take flight.
Enraptured by a ghost,
Captured by a starry host.
The end of this
Is at hand and quick.
For a whole speck
Of light can inspect
All submerged fins
Of hidden leviathans.
As the mountains under spectrum
Of rainbow glisten, and run
To and fro . . . the gazelles
Migrate to deeper wells.
Hidden and shown,
Ripe at night known.
A banquet prepared . . .
And a wretch spared.
Come in: One foot first.
Walk as one not cursed.
Cured and clothed anew
Like in morning`s dew.
Time is up; Home is here.
Walk on toward Heaven`s cheer.

©James Patrick Williams

~Ode To Sharon Rose~

O vertures and anthems wait in silent arrest of black night.
The leading lady by spotlight sings to her white knight.
D estined to be a force for a prince in favor of good,
She has powers and privileges often misunderstood.
E verything sound makes sense at the end of all time,
Till that day, we chase little foxes, guarding our vine.
emptation begs us to look back, but God`s gentle voice
Lays it out, like a candle, revealed is our next choice.
O ver time, the proof sets in, what she has done to me,
And what we create by God`s grace, it is for all to see.
S he can bend back the iron curtain of an opaque reality,
Severed are threads and puppet strings over humanity.
H anded over on a silver platter, a golden fleece of fantasy,
Completing the saga, a conquest for the ages given to me.
A nd now, as we wander further into the future, her learning
Translates to teaching by a calm following of my turning.
R eaching for a leader, I must be what God wills for me.
The footsteps of this woman at my side can revive me.
O nly now to find a way to offer more than a hidden love,
And to inscribe a word of favor, as to flight takes a dove.
N ow written on the clouds is a poem of love and laid plans.
She takes me in, like a move from a chess master`s hands.
R esidence made in heaven, tarrying now on earth. More
Souls to inspire, she spells it out, loving is not a chore.
O ffering light to the lost, she obeys the gospel`s pleading.
This poet puts words to use, for it is Sharon Rose reading.
S ince chance moments spent together, we knew more than
anything passing, was starting. And so, I am a blessed man.
E ventually, we would be at each other`s sides, a comfort in
A world needing love not grown cold. Let our story begin.

Love, James

©James Patrick Williams

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