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Fan Fiction

The Day of Recycling

by a 6-year-old Paw Patrol fan

One day, Chase and everybody else from the Lookout Tower were recycling. First, Rubble was recycling crayons that were trash because they couldn't use them anymore.

"One at a time, Marshall," said Rocky. He was being firm. (Marshall was trying to put two in at the same time.)

They all started home. The pups were walking home in age order, oldest to youngest. The order was: Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Marshall, and last of all, Zuma.

Rocky and Marshall said, "We need a pup who is a flying expert." 

"Why?" asked Rubble. 

"Because there are lots of high places," said Marshall.

"And we live on a cliff, after all," added Rocky.

"Well, Marshall does have a parachute!" put in Zuma.

The pups arrived at their home and began to put on their collars. They didn't put on their Pup Packs, because they were going to bed.

Rubble had pajamas, but none of the others in the Paw Patrol did, so only Rubble put on his pajamas. He also had a favorite toy that his friend Jackson Owl had sent him. The toy was a giraffe - a stuffed giraffe.

"Does your giraffe have a name?" asked Chase.

"Clancy," Rubble said.

The others were still putting on their collars, and Rubble was already in bed. Then they all hopped into their beds and fell fast asleep.


©2019 Rose Enterline Williams

Rocky Goes on Vacation

One day, the Paw Patrol pups were all doing different things. Sorry to say, Chase was dead. Zuma, Rubble, and Marshall were at their own homes, but Rocky was on vacation. 

Over by the Gone Kitchen Hotel, Rocky was playing at the park. Nobody else was there, until suddenly . . . along came Rocky's classmate Morris, the zebra.

To be continued . . .

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